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Moderately Mad

call me Wren or Mz R -- a personal journal
27 May 1967
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Welcome to Moderately Mad. I'm Wren aka Mz R.

I intend to use my innate qualities
to nurture my intimates
and protect the natural world
while recognizing and celebrating the joy in being alive.

Personlity Types:
Eneagram: Type 4
Meyers/Briggs: (I or E) NFP

MWF, 39, rural-suburbanite, *non-writing-writer. Have worked in a variety of outside jobs, as the family budget requires, throughout mothering career. Have volunteered for several environmental groups and service organizations. Married 14 years. Two kids: F 20 & M 10.

*workin' on it

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Blessed Be
See ya 'round

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