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Moderately Mad
Behind the cut, I address the following questions:
  • Why did I add you to my friends list?
  • Why am I keeping an online journal?
  • What sort of people am I hoping to meet through Live Journal?

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    About "A Peek into the Funhouse*": (*my friends page, aka my flist)
    If I've added you to my flist page, we probably share interests, or other commonalities, according to our profiles. Alternatively, I may have noticed the quality of your writing while browsing. If you would prefer that I not read your entries, just send me a note in a comment.
    *The "funhouse" reference is about self-mockery. (Too many interests; not enough focus.)
    It is not a comment on your sanity or lack thereof :D

    About the purpose(s)of my Live Journal:
  • to write
  • to find more community
  • to establish an easier way to keep in touch with friends and family
  • Mostly, I need a place to write. I'm constantly battling writers' block and using this "toy" helps to keep me working.

    About the People in and around my LiveJournal:
    I am also keeping watch for friends that share my sensibilities. I assume that folks who share my interests would tend to share my ideals. (And compulsions. And quirks. And standards. And etcetera.)
    As for those folks I know from the real-world, please write even though you don't like to write.

    I try to title my entries so that my flist can easily skip over the stuff that doesn't interest them:
    Entries titled "Today's Entertainments" contain bits and pieces such as memes (quizzes), web links and random photographs.
    Entries titled "Today's Putterings" are generally about my to-do lists, the weather and other mundane topics.

    Shameless Community Promotions:
    If you would like to learn more about the tally scores you see in my journal, check out:

    If you are interested in making a daily walk (for exercise or meditation) part of your life, check out:

    If you are an adventurous woman interested in adding a little outrageousness to your life, check out:

    Click here to use my shortcut to my Tags List.
    Search my journal by keyword:
    Get your own code!

    Behind these links, you will find biographical information not available on my profile page:

    Read as much or as little as you like--no hard feelings.
    Please leave a comment at this entry if you'd like to introduce yourself.


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    Hey look! I'm back within a reasonable timeframe. And I've even done a little reading and commenting here and there. There's no way I'm going to be able to catch up on everything I missed so I am just checking in on new posts. Let's see if I can get back in the swing of things from this day forward ... Just FYI: I have missed you :)

    That's it for now. Wait. 'Just found an interesting post over at dreamhope's place:


    (Would you believe I can't remember how to make that pretty right now? My damn Swiss cheese memory strikes again. Two months and I've forgotten HOW to do lj!)
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    I know I haven't written in a long time but it did surprise me this morning when I realized it has been almost two months. That's just crazy.

    I am fine. Life progresses.

    Lately I've taken up a handwritten journal practice called Daily Pages ala Julia Cameron. Even so, I've only been doing that for about a week. This particular winter has been strangely difficult for me -- with the emphasis on the "strangely". I'm not exactly in a depression but I must admit that I'm sort of ... muted.

    News. Hmm. The holidays were actually quite good. The weather has been miraculously mild. The animals are all doing well. My husband is drawing a l-o-n-g work project to a close and just celebrated his 5-year anniversary with his company. My son will be taking a karate test this evening, seeking to earn his third belt (green). He'll be able to attend sparring classes after this.

    Today is the official last day of his first semester. We won't be having any classes until tomorrow. We've done well. We finished 4th-level math and language and will receive 5th-level materials for those subjects in a couple of weeks. (That's a year's worth of work for those of you that don't know.) In the rest of his classes, we are hovering near the 40%-complete mark. Our personal schedule doesn't exactly match the district's schedule (which is fine with everyone) so we will actually have about 10 more available days in the second half of our year than we did in the first half.

    A school rant that surprised even me.Collapse )
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    You know, you are all too kind to me.

    (1) I've posted a couple of times in the last couple of weeks
    (2) what I'm posting isn't particularly interesting or relevant to anyone but me AND
    (3) I've been neglectful of my flist commenting.
    (4)--It's actually even worse than that; I have been lax about my reading too. I tend to pop in a few times a week, read back two or three pages of posts and then wander away.

    LJ is a wonderful world.

    As I've gone about my day today, I've thought a lot about my earlier posting and I've realized a glaring mistake. I said that there aren't many opportunities to shine or earn rewards. That's so wrong. My life is chock full of hundreds of confirming moments.


    *My adoring husband woke me with his usual kisses and snuggles. As he slipped away he told me I have "such pretty feet". Understand, this is not a man with a fetish. He is, however, a man who pays attention. When he spied my foot sticking out from under the covers, he noticed my cotton-candy nail polish. He knows I've been trying to repair the damage inflicted by years of bare-footing it, and that I've had real success.

    *My son worked hard for me and excelled in his studies again. He tries hard to accommodate my scheduling needs while still making classes fun. He zoomed through two and a half spelling units and five vocabulary units in about 3 hours this afternoon. He does jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups and leg-lifts a few times every day. When I dropped him off at the dojo early, so I could shop without worrying about making him late for class, he had a book, a gameboy and an hour to kill. Because the floor wasn't yet in use, he took it upon himself to complete a warm-up of his own devising: some general yoga, some sun salutations and pretty much all the karate they've taught him since he started. While the super-kids class was going on, he played on his gameboy. When I arrived to pick him up he'd just completed his scheduled class. He finished the year's vocabulary work this evening. He just went to work without any hints from me.

    *The cashier at Cub commented on my healthful purchases and a woman packing bags across from me was moved to tell me that my groceries were "so pretty, so colorful".

    I suspect that I experience more praise and acknowledgment than most -- my husband and my children give me acceptance, affection, compliments and encouragement at the drop of a hat. Hell, strangers seek me out to say nice things to me.

    I just hope that the priorities I've been living are healthy enough to sustain me and valuable enough to support me as I age. It would be nice if I could figure out how to actually accrue some material wealth. Some repute would be pretty cool too.

    But, hey, my feet and my groceries are pretty so what am I complaining about?
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    adjusting my routine/daily tasks, the explanation for my quietness (?) and The Godfather's big accomplishmentCollapse )
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    I'm sick. Well, I guess I'm actually recovering from being sick but I still feel lousy.

    I popped into lj tonight with a mind to make some comments but I've already run out of energy. (After only reading back through about a day.) Many of you have made interesting posts. I feel for those of you that have been dealing with the two issues that always manage to sideline me (politics and parenting). I'm sorry that I'm not being particularly useful or supportive these days.

    I just wanted to note a few things:

    My boy earned his gold belt today. We almost didn't make it but his instructors let him test with the higher belts. He did really well.

    I have a date with my goddaughter for this coming Sunday. Apparently she doesn't want to mess with the knitting nelly I gave her on Halloween until she can do it with me :) I have to remember to take a fresh drawing book to the godson too.

    I am thrilled with the political turn the country has taken. I may have made myself sick in all the excitement. (After a couple months of limiting my diet pepsi intake and my smoking, I settled in with a 12 pack and a fresh pack of cigarettes on election night.) I had a wonderful time hanging out with my husband and BOTH of my kids as the returns came in. I stayed up most of the night and attempted to have a normal day on Wednesday but my body said NO!

    Okay. That's about all I can do tonight. With any luck I'll wake up tomorrow feeling human again. If I do, there will be plenty of house and school work to catch up on. It all looms bigger than I can take right now. (Thank God we really cleaned the house last weekend -- I'd be a whimpering ball of misery if the house was in terrible shape.)
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    My Full Mission 101 List       My Evil-Twin Mission 101 List

    It's that time again. Because so many of my Mission 101 tasks require endurance, I've been a bit frustrated as I've tried to develop a good way to keep track of my successes and report my status. I'm hoping that this format is not too irritating. I've copied all the items in which I've made progress from my full Mission 101 list, trimmed extraneous information and posted them here, behind the cut. Where appropriate, I've also added a note about any details I might want to recall later.

    In essence, it was an acceptable month though, of course, I accomplished less than I'd hoped I would. I was able to actually cross off three finite items:

    F   018   Order small satellite package with one DVR units.
    F   033   Finish pre-plotting work for novel.
    F   062   Convert to 50% or better cruelty-free, free range dairy products. [2/32]
    (I'll continue to track this so we don't back-slide but it's become part of our normal behavior.)

    Lest I forget: I made good progress on 18 on-going items!! I also added four items to my "evil-twin" list.

    Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
    12 / 101

    all the details are hereCollapse )
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    This just popped up in my email.

    A special Halloween request from author Stephen King:

    Dear MoveOn member, (That would be me ;D )

    If I know anything, I know scary. And giving this president and this out-of-control Congress two more years to screw up our future is downright terrifying. Thankfully, this national nightmare is one we can end with—literally—a wake up call.

    My friends at MoveOn.org Political Action are organizing a big round of national phone parties this weekend before Halloween, Oct. 28th & 29th. We'll be calling progressive folks in key districts who may not turn out unless they get a friendly reminder or two.

    And since it's almost Halloween, we'll celebrate with an optional costume contest, some pumpkin carving (I'll be making a Jack-Abramoff-O'-Lantern) and—of course—plenty of candy.

    Please click the link below to R.S.V.P. for the nearest party, or to sign up to host your own:


    If you're concerned about the future of this country, this is the time to get involved. The polls are telling us that this November is our best shot in over a decade to turn things around, and we've got to make the most of it.

    You might wonder if these reminder calls to voters actually help. I did, too. It turns out MoveOn tested this whole Call for Change program on some early elections this year, and it produced the biggest increase in actual votes of any volunteer phone bank ever studied.

    The failure in Iraq and the recent string of scandals have put a bunch of new districts into play. That means there are more voters to call than anyone planned, and every call we make at a party this weekend will reach a key voter who otherwise would have been missed.

    Come November 8th, we're all going to kick ourselves if we ignored any close races and then lost the majority in Congress by a hair. These parties are our chance to make sure that doesn't happen.

    Can you help end our national nightmare this Halloween weekend? Sign up to attend or host a local Call for Change Halloween party this weekend:



    –Stephen King
    Monday, October 23rd, 2006
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    A postcard from Stephen Dunn, Pulitzer Prize winning poet, arrived in my mailbox today.

    A couple of years ago, I read a book called Making a Literary Life, written by Carolyn See. (If you love words and writing, I recommend reading it.) In the book, Ms See suggests regularly writing fan letters to admired authors. I think she encourages writing a letter each week. I loved the idea but I’ve never been able to be that consistent about actually sitting down to do it.

    When I wrote my Mission 101 list, I remembered that goal. Knowing that I wouldn’t take weekly time, I modified it to one letter each month. While writing my August fan letter, I found a draft of a letter I started writing to Mr. Dunn right after reading Making a Literary Life. The Writer’s Almanac had just deposited one of his poems into my email box:
    Turning FiftyCollapse )

    I remember being struck by its narrative – something that I appreciate in poetry. I spent an afternoon chasing Mr. Dunn’s work around the web. I wrote a note, saying as much, to Stephen Dunn. I asked him what he would recommend if I wanted to find more poetry to which I could relate. Then, I suppose, life got busy again and the draft slipped my mind.

    When I stumbled across that draft this August, I printed it out, added a sheepish handwritten note apologizing for the delay, and mailed it off.

    His handwriting is small and quick-looking, but legible. His signature falls just below the bar code that postcards bear these days. He recommends Contempory American Poetry. He thanked me for my lovely letter ... even if it was two years in the coming.

    (Here is a link to his suggestion at Amazon)

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    Topics contained herein:
    Wednesday’s big accomplishment: I learned how to diagram a simple sentence.

    And, as I go to post this entry about mostly-yesterday, the sun has finally decided to peek out from behind the clouds.

    today's: weather, mood, gratitudes & accomplishments Collapse )
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